Virtual PM

Virtual PM bridges the gap between Project Management and ERP and is based on Project Open ]po[

 What is it?

It is a service available on the cloud Saas or on your server that allows complete control of your projects resources, costs and leads to better knowledge and reduced cost overruns. The service is available on a monthly service charge and if our PM’s are needed than a separate charge for their service over the internet and by web  meetings such as iMeet.

Why should I use it?

  • Helps you to manage your projectsUsers implement in the first place because it supports them best in their efforts to manage their projects. The fact that the software is freely available ranks for many only second.
  • supports all stakeholders during the entire lifecycle of a project.It supports the planning of projects using methods such as GANTT scheduling, detailed work-breakdown structures and resource planning tools.
    During the execution of projects it provides managers with valuable just-in-time data about project progress and facilitates collaboration.
    Finally it simplifies final profit and loss calculations, invoicing and archiving.
  • Integration is capable of replacing several single applications. Say good-bye to your various EXCEL sheets, time-tracking tools or file managers.]po[ is capable of replacing up to 10 different applications by integrating various software products into one single solution. This leads to a lower TOC, ensures your data security and improves your knowledge management efforts, just to name a few benefits.
  • Mature-Secure-StableServing thousands of users since 2003, ]project-open[ has proved to be a mature and stable open-source product. Advanced scripting technology and tight integration of business logic in the underlying database make our product highly performant and reliable. Systems installed have shown an availability of more than 99.5 %.
    integrated permission model ensures that your information is secure and can only be accessed by users who had been granted the according privileges.
  • Professional Software for professionals, made by professionals. Not only is the system built with high-end components, it furthermore retains advanced procurement features required by large corporations, such as cost center tracking and data warehouse reporting.
  • It is Open-Source Software (OSS)It can be downloaded, implemented and verified by anybody. This ensures that your investment taken is secured. There is no need to rely on a single software manufacturer for upgrades and continued development.
  • Freedom of choice that runs on all platforms. You can download and install it on Windows, Mac or any Linux distribution.]po[ also offers hosting and Saas (Software as a Service) for all those who prefer a worry-free experience.
  • Continuous Software DevelopmentUsers benefit from the joint efforts of the community and the]po[ team. Developers around the world frequently provide the project with new models and improvements.
  • Extendable and flexible A series of modules that can be easily plugged into the system can be configured the way you want them to.]po[ supports business processes in small and medium-sized enterprises as well as in departments of large organizations.
  • Easy to installDownload our Virtual Machine and get ]po[ up and running in a matter of minutes. A configuration wizard helps you to pre-configure your system.
  • Easily customizable and expandable it grows as your company grows. The underlying technical platform makes upgrades considerably easier. The system can be used by thousands of users simultaneously with no need for expensive upgrade technologies such as server farms.
  • Easy Access and is a web-based software which allows you to connect anytime from any computer in any part of the globe.

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