Matternet: Concept of Operation and Value

Matternet promotes an exponential leap in transportation. By developing a new system of Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (AAV), Matternet will revolutionize the transportation network while decreasing costs and connecting previously isolated locations.

Matternet will coordinate AAVs to transport goods through an integrated physical and online network, called the “Matternet”, consisting of:

  1. A variety of AAVs able to carry various loads;
  2. Automatic ground stations that will not only receive, launch AAVs, but also charge batteries, dispense, receive shipments and maintain AAVs;
  3. An AI-driven logistics software system that will control the AAV traffic, integrated with smart grids and other forms of transportation, and interface with a range of customers.

The Matternet will be implemented in three phases:

Phase 1: We provide an easy-to-use AAV kit that enables a point-to-point transportation of payloads up to 2 kg over a distance of 10 km.

Phase 2: The ground stations and AAVs are connected through an AI-driven logistics system that will manage the traffic and optimize the flow of goods; cargo capacity increases to 100 kg.

Phase 3: The Matternet is able to transport heavier goods–up to 1,000 kg, with the reach of the network increasing as more ground stations are deployed. The users can either buy or rent the infrastructure (ground stations). Those who wish to connect their AAVs to the network can subscribe to the Matternet to participate.

The Matternet gives those living in poverty access to global markets and commerce.

We see specific and immediate applications in public health. There is a demand for the transport of medicine, sterile medical samples, vaccines, medical tests, and time critical medical supplies such as rabies-immune globulin, antivenoms and whole blood [1]. During natural disasters such as tsunamis, earthquakes, and floods, the Matternet can deliver emergency supplies to the affected areas.

The Matternet democratizes access to transportation for the most vulnerable populations. We expect that over the course of its development, those living under poverty will play an increasingly important role in creating new uses for the AAVs and the Matternet, adding value for themselves and the world.

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