SunShot Initiative News Briefs: new engineering research centers; SCE utility project focuses on interconnection; training center launched for NE region

New Research Centers To Cultivate Solar System Innovations

Co-funded by DOE and a $74 million grant from the National Science Foundation, two engineering research centers  were created at Arizona State and the University of Tennessee to support research and innovation in solar energy while preparing U.S. graduate engineering students to be innovation leaders. In partnership with industry, these academic-led innovation ecosystems will address challenges in solar energy sustainability and transmission infrastructure.

The five-year program is designed to speed the process of transitioning knowledge into innovation and provide young engineers with experience in research, entrepreneurship, and innovation leadership. Emphasis will be placed on partnerships with small research firms, and international collaboration and cultural exchange.

New Solar Training Center Opens for NE Region

Kennebec Valley Community College (KVCC) held its “train the trainers” open house on August 10 at its Fairfield, Maine, state-of-the-art solar lab facility. Using funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, KVCC provides instructor training in solar system design, installation, sales, and inspection.

The facility has already hosted two training sessions. Training is offered to participants from Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Maine, and from community colleges, apprentice programs, career education programs, and private companies. The facility is one of DOE’s nine regional U.S. training centers. Read more on the DOE website.

Southern California Edison Project Develops Best Practices for Integrating High Penetrations of PV

DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory is leading a study on interconnection of high penetrations of PV in distribution systems in partnership with Southern California Edison. The key deliverable is a handbook that will guide states and utilities in the process of integrating large-scale high-penetration solar while, at the same time, maintaining consistent high-quality power to their customers.

Visit the DOE High Penetration Solar Portal to learn more.

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